by Alexandra Collier

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by Alexandra Collier

"If I haven't written my first novel, released a platinum album, had a hit film, Oscar nomination, donated my life to starting a charity organisation, met the man/woman of my dreams, travelled the world, studied the great texts, been nominated as young Australian of the year by the time I'm 25 then what am I?"

The pressure cooker is rising. It's Madeleine's last day at the restaurant. Her last day of waiting. Or is it? Can she resist the smooth-talking waiter and the rough-as-guts chef? Still Waiting. How will she become a woman of her own making?

"This is a light, energetic, quixotic play about anticipating change... The writer had a strong grasp on the structure and a fast, easy ability to find characters through humour and language. An impressive and stylish piece of writing with a strong likelihood of reaching a large and enthusiastic audience...a very sassy piece of theatre."—judges' comments, RE Ross Trust Playwrights' Script Development Awards, 2003

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RE Ross Trust Script Development Award (2003 winner)

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