by Caleb Lewis
Production: Griffin Theatre. Photo: Rob McFarlane. Actor: Ursula Yovich

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by Caleb Lewis

Australia. 1959. Teenagers, Joe and May, are on the run from the Aboriginal mission where May has been living. With May close to giving birth they take refuge in a stable owned by a childless couple on the run from each other. As the rooster crows, all grapple for the thing that will make them whole. Will the angels intervene to protect the one they love?

'Nailed' is a play about family and love and the things we do out of desperation, a bittersweet love-story and a tragedy about damaged people limping towards salvation. It is a story about Faith, when it delivers us and when it fails us.

'Caleb Lewis has carved the rarest of jewels - a potent and poetic Australian tragedy. This is a muscular, yet tender story of family, faith and, finally, miraculous love. It’s a story of staggering theatrical power.'
David Bertold, Artistic Director, Griffin Theatre Company

'Caleb Lewis is a young Australian writer and this premiere, I’m convinced, marks the appearance of a significant new talent… Lewis brilliantly commands the twists and shocks he unleashes.'
Colin Rose, The Sun Herald

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