by David Blackman

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by David Blackman

'The Revisionist' explores Australia's understanding of the Holocaust through what became known as the 'Demidenko Affair', where a young Australian woman of Anglo Saxon background was able to convince the literary and cultural establishment that her father and uncle were Ukrainians involved in the mass slaughter of Jews during the war. The play traces the life of Konrad Senior, a former member of the Ukrainian SS. Seen through the eyes of Helen, the play's unreliable narrator, Konrad becomes a heroic figure, apparently justified in his crimes of mass murder, and misunderstood by history.

This play seeks to explore a contemporary trend in the manipulation of collective memory through the rewriting or falsification of history, as was clearly demonstrated with the acceptance and critical acclaim given to 'Demidenko'.

This title appears in:

RE Ross Trust Script Development Award (2003 winner)

Wal Cherry Best Unproduced Play of the Year (2003 nominee)

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