by Bruce Shearer

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by Bruce Shearer

Can't Wait for Love consists of three short comedies of roughly 10 minutes each:

Esla and Frinz Go Partying
Esla and Frinz are balloons at a small child's birthday party. They are in love with the romance of the cake and the song. But when the red cordial comes out there is danger for the balloons. Can they escape to freedom in the open skies? (2 actors of either gender)

Not Yours, Not Yet
Cynthia and Valerie both want to marry Osborne, and they are prepared to do whatever is necessary to make it happen. But is Osborne more comfortable at home with Mum? (2F, 1M)

Can't Wait for Love
John sees himself as a ladies' man. He's getting ready to go out to a dance, to meet some new ladies. But is he as irresistible as he thinks he is? (1M)

Note: Each play is roughly 10 minutes long.

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