by Bren MacDibble

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by Bren MacDibble

The three little pigs drive their mother so mad that she asks them to leave home. On their travels they meet characters from other fairytales and their problems become entwined. They share a wolf phobia, so when they meet a nice young wolf in search of friends it takes a while for them to accept him. But once he shows the pigs his family, the pigs realise they're homesick and run home to their mother.

A very funny play for junior primary.

"This has been a wonderful experience for all involved. I have found working with a script that has allowed me to involve up to 60 children to be unique. The play is funny and enjoyable and at no time did the children lose interest. They were able to develop their acting and speaking skills to a very high level." - Grade 1/2 teacher, Oakleigh Primary

"My favourite scene was scene three, 'Still Near a Forest'. I felt happy at first and confident. In the play the fairy godmother was pretty and Cinderella was too! I was a narrator." - Divya, Grade 2, Oakleigh Primary

"I like scene 3 because I have the most words in the scene. I feel very very Happy! I like the scene because there are lots of characters. I was dressed in a pink dress, two pink wings, and a pink crown." - Karen, Grade 1, Oakleigh Primary

"Scene ten was my favourite because everyone laughed at Rock-Bottom Bob when he said 'Dead! Bring out your dead! Half price removals!' and Grim Reaper said, 'He's dead on time.' That was funny and excellent." - Peter, Grade 2, Oakleigh Primary

"We had a fabulous time with this wonderful play. I had over 40 students Reception - Year 5 performing, and it mattered not how many times we practised, I could still laugh at the jokes. The parents and families of course loved their children's performances." - Teacher, Ceduna Area School

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