by Verity Laughton
Image: Belvoir / B Sharp, 2010

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by Verity Laughton

Sarah is a young woman struggling to escape the bonds of family; her mother, her two sisters and her (recently deceased) father. Contrary by nature, she has fallen in love and lust with a charismatic drifter.

With a framework of reference that moves from chaos theory to family, to art and on to the fundamentals of passion and death, 'Sweet Thing' uses a fluid timeframe to explore the cross-generational random connections that are the unexpected turning points of a life. It's tender, funny, sharp and sexy.

"More than a touch of chaos as love and conflict collide." - Sydney Morning Herald

"The Sweetest Thing is at times poetic and achingly poignant." - The Daily Telegraph

Shortlisted for the 2006 London Warehouse Theatre's International Play Writing Festival

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Recommended for community theatre

NSW Premier's Literary Awards - Play Award (2012 nominee)

Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting (2006 nominee)

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