by Tom Gardiner

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by Tom Gardiner

In the best tradition of noir thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat, Tom Gardiner’s play The Salt Remains is a study in twists and turns that will keep the audience guessing. Gardiner has written two formidable characters and trapped them in a deadbeat pub, that we can all relate to, in a small rural town at the end of the line.

Olivia is an enigma who only just exists, working a job she hates. David is a middle-aged tourist passing through. When he arrives at the door, David is seeking refuge, from what is not clear.

What tortured complexities drag the smell of salty mist from their haunting pasts to the present?

A story of thwarted redemption, the crossing of their paths is an inconvenient intrusion. But like rivers, some paths should never be crossed because there is no turning back.

This is intelligent, original theatre in the style of Hitchcock but with its own unique flavour. The Salt Remains will keep you enthralled, guessing again and again as this thought-provoking tale unfolds.

A quintessential Queensland fable not to be missed.

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