by Lachlan Philpott
Cover image: Christopher Sutton, photo: Daniel Holfeld


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by Lachlan Philpott

Published with Bison

"No matter how close I follow you, I lose you, you lose me.
No matter who I follow, I never get an answer."

A young boy is separated from his mother and goes missing in Disneyland. Adrift in the artificial world of giant mice and noisy parades, nobody can account for what happened in the seven frantic hours before he’s found.

Years later his life seems normal; stable; happy. But something about that day haunts him. Something about that day remains unresolved. And then, he disappears again…

Colder explores the infinite unknowns surrounding missing persons and the fog of purgatory that engulfs those left behind.

How do you grieve someone’s loss when your only hope is their return?

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Recommended for community theatre

RE Ross Trust Script Development Award (2007 winner)

Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting (2007 nominee)

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