The Australian Curriculum states that, “The Arts provides engaging and thought-provoking contexts in which to explore the nature of art making and responding. Through making and responding in The Arts, students consider issues of sustainability in relation to resource use and traditions in each of The Arts subjects.  The Arts provides opportunities for students to express and develop world views, and to appreciate the need for collaboration within and between communities to implement more sustainable patterns of living. In this learning area, students use the exploratory and creative platform of The Arts to advocate effective action for sustainability” (ACARA, 2021).


Years 8-10

ENDANGERED: THREE PLAYS: They Saw a Thylacine by Justine Campbell and Sarah Hamilton (Years 8-10)


Years 9-10

ENDANGERED: THREE PLAYS: Extinction by Hannie Rayson 

ENDANGERED: THREE PLAYS: The Honey Bees by Caleb Lewis