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APT believes we need our playwrights now more than ever. Playwrights use theatre as a testing ground for the difficult, urgent, exuberant conversations that are essential for understanding what values we want to live by, both individually and as a collective, which are critical to enacting change in meaningful ways. It is because of playwrights that theatre can play a vital role in articulating and shaping the rapid change we are currently facing.


Why donate?

We know that cost of living pressures are affecting everyone right now and we have been working hard at identifying how to make your support go further. We’ve come up with three key areas that will connect playwrights with the resources they most need to flourish, and empower them to tell the radical stories of hope and justice that will help us all shape our shared future.

Give the Gift of Plays

APT hosts the world’s largest online showcase and searchable database of the best Australian plays. Accessing this ever-growing catalogue connects playwrights with the ideas shaping our local, national and global conversations. It inspires creativity, agitation, innovation, and the cutting edge artistry required for purposeful cultural change.


We believe that every playwright has the right to this connection. We know, though, that the financial barriers faced by so many in our community are only getting harder to overcome. This is why, for every $30 donated this end-of-financial year, APT will match it to meet our $60 yearlong database subscription. With your support, we can share over 3000 Australian play scripts with those who are otherwise unable to tap into this huge repository of knowledge, insight and skill. Together, we can inspire new voices to contribute to our most urgent conversations.

Make a tax-deductible donation of $30 to empower a writer to reach new heights.


Matched Donations for the Erin Thomas Fund


The Erin Thomas Playwright Fund honours the legacy of the late playwright Erin Thomas by connecting emerging playwrights from regional areas with the industry networks essential to bringing their plays to life.

Too often, the plays we publish reflect the cultural concerns of metropolitan centres and urban areas. There’s a simple reason for this – this is where our theatre, for the most part, is produced. Actively accounting for regional voices is vital, though, if we are to grapple with the most critical issues we are facing as a country – issues like climate change, youth mental health, disaster recovery, community resilience.

In its 11th year, The Erin Thomas Playwright Fund connects emerging regional writers with dramaturgs or directors to develop their ideas and skills in dialogue with seasoned professionals. Extending industry support beyond city centres in this way centres those voices that are otherwise missing in the stories we tell.

This year, tax-deductible donations to the Erin Thomas Fund are being matched by the Australian Cultural Fund. Every donation made before 30 June, or when we reach our target of $5000, will be doubled!


Double your money. Double your impact. Donate via the ACF here:



Support Our Programs

Diminishing funding and cost of living pressures threaten our sector at a time when these conversations have never been more important. It is our responsibility to protect playwriting as a critical tool for future-thinking and we need your help to do this work now. By donating to our core programs, you’ll help us support new and established playwrights through the entire life cycle of their work – from the earliest spark of an idea to development, to pathways to production, to publication, licensing and out into the world.


APT believes in a world made more just, curious and joyful by Australian plays. Help us make this dream a reality.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Every dollar makes a difference.

If you are interested in supporting APT through a large gift or bequest or would like to discuss how your donation can contribute to APT’s specific programs, please contact Executive Producer, Erin Taylor, at

We acknowledge that we live and create on unceded lands. We pay our respects to the First Peoples of Australia, and to their elders past, present and future.

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