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Spiro Economopoulos Spiro Economopolous is an independent filmmaker who writes and directs...(1 play) 
Chris Edmund Director, teacher, writer and painter. Chris Edmund was Head of the...(5 plays) 
Naomi Edwards Naomi Edwards is a theatre and opera director experienced in...(1 play) 
James Elazzi James is a playwright. James has been granted a place in the 2019-21...(3 plays) 
Sandra Eldridge Sandra Eldridge is a founding member of Monkey Baa Theatre for Young...(4 plays) 
Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonzetti Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonzetti's short stories, poems and articles for adults...(1 play) 
Ron Elisha Ron Elisha is a playwright based in Melbourne, Australia. His stage...(19 plays) 
Greg Elliott Greg Elliott has been the Head of Drama in several secondary schools and...(2 plays) 
Ben Ellis Ben's writing for theatre includes THE ARMOUR, for Defibrillator, which...(4 plays) 
Gareth Ellis Gareth Ellis is a 27-year-old writer/performer. Since graduating from the...(1 play) 
Lois Ellis Lois was among the first intake of students to NIDA and has been a...(1 play) 
Ben Eltham Ben Eltham is a writer, journalist, researcher and creative producer from...(2 plays) 
Ryan Enniss A young author and theatre performer, Ryan grew up in a rural town in the...(7 plays) 
Wesley Enoch Wesley Enoch is a writer and director for the stage. He was the Artistic...(5 plays) 
Nick Enright Nick Enright (1950-2003) trained for the theatre at New York University...(11 plays) 
Joanna Erskine Joanna is an award-winning playwright, producer, teacher and arts...(2 plays) 
Louis Esson Louis Esson (1879–1943), influenced by W.B. Yeats, pursued the idea...(1 play) 
Amelia Evans Amelia is a director, writer and dramaturg. She has written MAD AS A CUTE...(2 plays) 
Christine Evans Christine Evans’ award-winning plays have been produced in her native...(7 plays) 
Daniel Evans DANIEL EVANS is an avid arts/media worker who has a passionate...(6 plays) 
Gail Evans Gail Evans is a Darwin-based playwright and performer. She regularly works...(3 plays) 
Jim Everett Jim Everett was born at Flinders Island, Tasmania in 1942. He is from the...(2 plays) 
Brendan Ewing Born and raised in Hong Kong then moving to Perth at 17, Brendan Ewing...(1 play) 
Lucy Eyre Lucy is a playwright, director, performer, researcher, dramaturg, lecturer...(1 play) 

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