A Simple Act of Kindness


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With the help of her ‘boomer’ parents, Sophia takes the giant leap into the property market … but it’s all about the fine print. And a global pandemic means a brand new deal. Now Sophia and Greg (her ‘fiancé’) must live with Sophia’s parents as ‘downsizing’ bites and this reconstructed family get swamped by their own ambitions. Family, it seems, is a big deal … and this could be a bad one.
Award-winning playwright Ross Mueller aims his laser wit at the property market, family life and the transactions that bind us. This unlikely family must live together, as the cracks widen beneath them, threatening their hopes, their dreams … and their record collection!
A Simple Act of Kindness is a comedy for a generation who’ve been locked down with the ones we … love?
Developed through the INK new writing program at Red Stitch.

We acknowledge that we live and create on unceded lands. We pay our respects to the First Peoples of Australia, and to their elders past, present and future.

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