Distant bodies is a black comedy. It is a play about relationships that follows five characters that all want to connect.

Ed and Abi remember school, a couple of years ago now. They look out to the stars and dream about the future. They feel right, ‘meant to happen’, the sex… Well, it should get better.

Dianne and Joseph remember coming out here ten years ago, before they were married, when small purple clouds dotted a huge empty sky. But now it’s getting dark and the walls are closing in and they are trying to find each other again. Fingers crossed the role play will work.

Alan’s wife has left him, it’s not the first time this has happened. The first time was bad; he lost his daughter then and hasn’t seen her since. Now he’s come out to the desert to die, its fair, but the laxatives won’t do it.

These five people’s lives are intertwined as they connect and disconnect with each other and world they live in and their meeting in the desert changes them forever.

  • black comedy
  • 120
  • 5 total
  • 2 female identifying, 3 male identifying
  • 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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