From The Edge – Two Plays From Northern Australia

by Kathryn Ash

In the height of a summer outback in Central Queensland, something weird is going on. Vic Flutter has returned from his first year in Art College for the holidays, and he's looking even stranger than usual. He's locked himself in the shed, is creating weird sculptures out of road kill, and is seemingly behind a series of strange events unfolding for his family and their small community.

Surviving Jonah Salt
by Kathryn Ash, Stephen Carleton, Gail Evans and Anne Harris

Ruby's aging lover has died in the kitted-out tray of his Hilux ute, gassed on a beach in Darwin; Trish's lover has done a bunk from their roadside store in the Daintree; Patricia is on a bus, heading north into the night; Jonah is an angry boy from Alice Springs who's made a terrible mistake. The journeys of all four characters collide at the truck stop at Three Ways in the Northern Territory.

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