This wasn’t how it was meant to go.
A few iPhones, a huge TV and a Socceroos jersey—shove them all in the IKEA bag then drive away as fast as you can.

AJ wasn’t meant to be spotted at the scene. AJ wasn’t meant to get ID’d in the line-up. AJ definitely wasn’t meant to go to prison. But once AJ is convicted of theft, he is placed behind the walls of an institution where his own body is stolen from him.

In a cramped communal cell, AJ will become a ‘jailbaby’—the ward of a justice system that chooses to turn a blind eye to the life-altering sexual violence committed against young men behind bars.
In Jailbaby, the highly anticipated new play from the writer behind the international phenomenon Prima Facie, Suzie Miller once again opens our eyes to the darkest corners of society and asks us to pinpoint the exact moment when it all goes so, so wrong.

‘An urgent and compelling work… Run, don’t walk.’ ★★★★★—Time Out Sydney (for Suzie Miller and Prima Facie)

  • drama, political, theatre for social comment
  • 114
  • 8 total
  • 1 female identifying, 4 male identifying, 3 gender unspecified
  • survival, political/social, mental health, justice, gender, crime, community
  • 18+
  • sexual abuse, physical abuse, graphic sexual content
  • yes
  • young adult, adult
  • Currency Press


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