Aspiring archaeologist Sophie left home when she was only 20, much to the shame of her traditional Jordanian mother. Six years later, losing sleep and petrified by the judgement of her visiting ‘mad Arab’ Aunty Azza, Sophie is forced to lie about her life, her career and the existence of her Aussie partner. Worst of all is the fear that she’s also lying to herself.

Looking deep into the heart of Sydney and beyond, Jump for Jordan unpacks the experience common to countless second-generation Australians of being caught between two cultures. Sifting through shifting layers of past and present, farce and fantasy, it’s one woman’s mad, messy excavation of her own history, and her attempt to piece together the broken bits of her identity.

Jump for Jordan took out the Griffin Award in 2013, wowing the judges with its vitality and ambition. It was also awarded the 2015 AWGIE for Stage.

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EXTRACT: Sahir, we had a house, my half of my father’s house in Amman, in the capital city of a modern Kingdom. Now we have what? A cold and filthy bedsit on the other side of the world. You have work, you have friends at the factory, come home whistling nice happy tunes because you’re thinking of that horrible block of wind and cow shit that you expect me to live in. What do I have? A landlady in yelling dresses who blocks the corridor with her bulk and sneers at my cooking.



///Not in Print/// speaks to Australian playwright Donna Abela about her play ///Jump For Jordan///.

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