“Because revolution is better at night.”

What would it actually take to stop climate change dead in its tracks? Guns? Revolution? A pumping soundtrack?

Kill Climate Deniers centres on a militant cell of eco-activists that takes the audience hostage during a concert at Parliament House. Led by charismatic spokeswoman Catch, they demand Australia immediately cease all carbon emissions and coal exports—or they’ll start executing their 1,700 hostages.

It’s Kill Bill meets Tim Flannery, and it’s all true. The science is real. The media fracas is real. Only the blood is fake, and no one dies

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Female | Child | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 107

EXTRACT: It all boils down to the massive wide-on you guys have for science, doesn\'t it? You know how many millions of hours have been spent putting scientists on TV since the late 80s? How many times I\'ve tried to extract some kind of meaningful comment from some coral reef expert who can\'t explain what they\'re on about in words that a human being can understand? And yet somehow it\'s the media\'s fault. You want to be an asshole about the public, that\'s your fucking problem. Let me tell you what I know: people give a shit about the world they live in, they\'re not stupid, and when experts say there\'s a problem, they listen. Now they have listened to scientists talk for 30 years. If they don\'t get it, whose fault is that?


Gender Unspecified | 20s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 0

EXTRACT: (monologues can be combined to create a longer piece), p.112-113, p.128-129, p.139 I thought climate deniers were a made up phenomenon, invented by lobbyists. And then I got hit by thousands of them, writing me letters and complaints. I thought they couldn\'t be that passionate. And then they started showing up in person when I gave talks about this project, getting right out of their echo chamber. There may be some here tonight - doing recce for the Daily Telegraph or to see what the so-called \'tolerant liberals\' are up to. They\'re never as undercover as they imagine (trust me, you guys stick out like a sore thumb). But bless! They get props for this!

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