Madeleine and Jeremy are a couple. They are mostly happy in the way that ordinary people are. Jeremy and Madeleine like to stay in the country at Jeremy’s parents holiday place. One night, on their way there, they have a terrible car accident and Jeremy is seriously hurt. Madeleine was driving and emerges unscathed. Jeremy is in a coma, and so badly damaged that he will never wake up.

Madeleine is under pressure to let Jeremy die from his family and the hospital, but she insists that he be kept alive. Madeleine sits a vigil by his side, warding off his parents and family, waiting for him to wake up or die.

As she waits in his hospital room Madeleine talks to Jeremy and she begins to hallucinate that he talks back to her. Together they turn over the life they had together, and the life they would never have. Mourning and celebrating that which was and would never be. Parents and friends call by and are incorporated into the world that Madeleine and Jeremy begin to create.

Aided by vivid imaginations, a sense of humour and the inevitable truth, Madeleine and Jeremy examine their life as a couple, their agendas and betrayals.

  • heightened realism / drama
  • 77
  • 0 total
  • 18+
  • all ages, teen, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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