Minefields and Miniskirts: Australian Women and the Vietnam War


If history is told by the victors, the story of war is usually told by the blokes. Now it's the ‘sheilas' turn. Nearly a thousand Australian women had a part in the Vietnam War as entertainers, typists, consular staff and army nurses. The one thing they have in common is that their lives were changed forever by Vietnam. For many of them it was the most vital and alive they have ever felt.

Minefields and Miniskirts records the voices of those who were actually there; ordinary woman revealing how they survived a war and discovered what they believed in. Adapted from Siobhan McHugh's book, this play reveals through a collage of true stories, the extraordinary experiences of ordinary women in surviving a war. {{PlayboxLogo}}

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EXTRACT: I now work in a Vet's hospital. Often the midnight to dawn shift, and as I walk through the wards, sometimes, in the half light, my sleeping boys look to me as they did thirty years ago. When they had their youth and their innocence. Once I came home, I even married a Vet. I had to wake him up with a broom handle, from a distance, for fear he'd go me with the knife he kept under his pillow as he slept.


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EXTRACT: It was a Saturday. We lived in the big house next to the Church of England in a leafy suburb. My father was the Minister. My mother ran the Ladies’ Church Auxiliary and I learnt about serving others from them. I’d had my time of rebellion, of fluffy ducks and discoteques, marijuana and midnight swims, but I’d returned to the fold. Even though I was still searching for some sort of freedom, some mad idea of a ‘Girls’ Own’ adventure. Here I was, in the kitchen with my mother, helping ice the cake for my wedding.

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