Mother is a one-woman play that tells the story of Christie, a homeless woman in a world detached, unforgiving and destructive. It gives voice to the fallen and dispossessed, to those who exist at the edge of safety, at the point of being undone. It speaks of madness, denial, ignorance and free-falling poverty. Utterly devastating, yet written with Daniel Keene's characteristic lyricism, Mother is wrought with tenderness, violence and loneliness in equal measure.

"Daniel Keene is indisputably one of Australia's most poetic, thoughtful and probing playwrights." - Bryce Hallett, Sydney Morning Herald

"Fashioning language is Daniel Keene's trade... You can almost imagine him pulling a red-hot word from a furnace, hammering it into shape and laying it down on the page to cool." - Ben Cubby, Sydney Morning Herald

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Female | 60+ | 5 to 10 minutes
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EXTRACT: When Lenny stopped paying the rent on the house I went round to his sister’s place to see him and he wouldn’t even let me inside so I stood there on the front step like a fucking beggar and he told me that I could move in with him and his sister there was a sleepout I could have he wasn’t paying for a place where he didn’t live and I said aren’t you coming back but he didn’t answer you’d be close to the baby was all he said

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