Sillage is an intimate, pop-up, street-theatre experience that examines the traces that stories leave behind. In a secret laneway, buried in the heart of Surry Hills, a woman speaks to a doorway she once knew. Sillage is a rumination on time, loss and memory.

The work examines the relationship the speaker has with a particular doorway, and what this doorway once meant to her. ‘Sillage’ is a French word which describes the trace that perfume leaves behind in the air. The monologue, explores the traces that stories leave behind, the way stories can haunt spaces. Sillage explores the way Sydney keeps changing; a woman retraces her steps through a city she grieves for; to this door.

The speaker wanders about the world haunted by her past. She sees the city as it is, and at the same time, she sees it as it once was. There’s a ‘sillage’ that remains, that transports her back through time, and through the layers of a story that converge on this doorway…

Casting Note: The speaker is intended to be a woman and is intended to be a woman in her 60s/70s. While dramaturgy to change the age and gender is possible, it is not encouraged. The speaker is not imagined as being of any specific race, cultural background, or ethnicity. Colour-conscious casting is encouraged. Casting an actor with a non-normative body is also encouraged. Where possible, an actor with a lived experience of a lesbian, or bisexual identity should be considered for this role.

  • monologue
  • 30
  • 1 total
  • 1 female identifying
  • history, lgbtqia+
  • 18+
  • adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Female | 60+ | full length
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EXTRACT: "We were going to play bridge. I was driving, of course, because you never drove while drinking, and you never played bridge without drinking. I pulled over and we bought a tray of avocados, remember? We ripped off the scaly skin and bit straight into the buttery flesh."



"The show retraces the steps of our speaker, some of her memories are sharp and they sting. It’s the stuff of our lives, which are sometimes nightmares, but they’re nightmares we live through and learn from." - Sophia Davidson Gluyas



"..Elaine Hudson, whose career has spanned stage, film and TV since graduating from NIDA’s Acting course in 1975, brought to life ‘Sillage’ by Sophia Davidson Gluyas in this year’s Fringe. It was performed on a flower-lined lane in the heart of Surry Hills to an intimate afternoon audience and retraced the steps of a woman wandering through her past memories of the neighbourhood." - Alasdair Nicol

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