Summer of the Aliens


The year is 1962 and the world is worrying about the Cuban missile crisis, except for Lewis, a youth on the cusp of manhood, growing up in a Melbourne housing commission suburb. He is preoccupied with flying saucers, much to the disgust of his friend Brian who can think only of losing his virginity.

The play centres on relationships, especially the relationship between 14 year old Lewis and 14 year old Dulcie. It is through Dulcie that Lewis begins to understand that the struggle to be adult is the struggle to understand the world around him.

Summer of the Aliens is a vivid and amusing evocation of a family and a neighbourhood whose increasingly strange behaviour Lewis is forced to interpret in the only way he can... the aliens must be among us!

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  • comedy/drama, realism
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  • 9 total
  • 4 female identifying, 5 male identifying
  • 12 to 16, 16 to 18, 18+
  • young adult, adult, all ages
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Male | Teen | under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: Changed his mind. Came out of the clink a different person. If he goes in again, this time it'll be for years. A cop comes around a lot trying to get him back into the stolen car racket. Nothing more bent than a crooked cop. Dad wants nothing to do with him. He thinks it's a trap that the cop and Mr Irvin have set up for him to get him back into jail. He likes to go down to the rifle range a lot. He gained a funny sense of humour since he was last in the clink.


Male | 40s | under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: Shhhh...Listen. Your mother's footsteps. Pretty heavy for a small woman. You can hear your grannie snoring. Women hate being underground. It scares them. That's why men love being underground. Be away from the women. You should have seen the tunnels we dug in the Snow Mountains. Right through granite like a knife through butter.


Female | 50s | under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: A car backfiring. Where was I? Age. Growing old. [a beat] You must kill me when I get old. Your grandfather was older than me and I had to clean him. Dribbles down his mouth, Earwax. Sleepdust. Urine. Shit. His body was out of control. Vomit. Lots of vomit. Diarrhoea. That's old age. Put a pillow over my face; I won't struggle. No one will know you've done it.

Adult themes



Perfecting the Monologue of Silence: An Interview with Louis Nowra. This is an edited version of an interview conducted at The University of Sydney, 17 December 1987

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