Queen Nigella has a couple of problems. In order to remain "the fairest of them all" she has been secretly removing all the pretty girls in the kingdom and people are beginning to notice.

That's bad enough but now this handsome young Prince Diamond has turned up claiming to be betrothed to the Queen's niece, Princess Blanche. Unfortunately Princess Blanche was one of the Queen's first victims - or was she?

Where have all the girls gone? What does the castle cook, Gloria Mundy, know about it all? And what is the secret of her daughter, the servant girl, Snow White? And as for those famous dwarves, well, yes, of course, they're there too - though not entirely what they seem

  • pantomime plus
  • 115
  • 19 total
  • 14 female identifying, 5 male identifying
  • adolescence
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • all ages
  • Australian Script Centre


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