In the dystopian world of Where Words Once Were, our hero learns the damage words can do, along with their power to heal.

Where Words Once Were is published in For We The Young , a collection of plays by one of Australia’s most beloved writers of theatre for young people, Finegan Kruckemeyer. The collection offers a glimpse into worlds of quiet sorrow and deep joy, daring feats and ingenious leaps. His quirky humour and surprising stories release the imagination and let it run wild, trailing images and words behind like so many footprints in the snow.

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Female | Teen | 5 to 10 minutes
Starts on page 150

EXTRACT: The City grew—as over years the waters rose, and surrounding lands turned to swamp, and then shallow, then sea. The City sat high on proud cliffs and as its population swelled, so it did too, spilling down the sides, roads burrowing into rock, buildings filling the sky. The City could house all, it boasted—and those who prospered sang its praises, and those who struggled only whispered, so in this way The City wrote its own reviews. Then the Time of Anger came. They say it began when two people saw a last fruit on a shop shelf …

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