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Male | 30s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: I... have... just hit a dog. And... I guess I don't really know how to deal with that. I mean, I know it was just a dog and... not a kid or anything, thank god but, yeah, I don't know. I'm still quite shaken up. I wasn't going too fast or not looking - I was concentrating, I was going at the speed limit. But, um... it came out too quickly, from nowhere, from off the footpath, and I didn't have time to brake, and so I hit it... yeah.


Male | 20s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: This morning I was lying in bed with a really nice girl... I think. I don't know. It's soon, but yeah, she's good. And then she heads off and I go to get coffee, because I want a normal day. That was the whole point of it - that's why you do it. Because when you have coffee and read the paper in the morning, it means you're setting yourself up for a normal day, 'cos that's what normal people do. You don't think - I'd better not get coffee because if I do I might kill an animal.


Female | 30s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: Look, here's my Medicare card - you can check the credit rating on that. Tell them it's the woman who just had the colonoscopy. Paid it in full too. And here - a voucher for a pedicure. Because on my birthday, my mother now sends me single middle-aged woman presents. Have a chat with her - she'll find this hilarious. Oh! Here's the number of a man I met. Here's another one. And here. I'm sure at least one of them will remember me. Here's a bar of chocolate - serving for one! Tonight! Hopefully with a fucking movie!

Contains coarse language