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Female | 50s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: I don't know why the young assume, Frank, that their elders should sleep. I don't know why they should assume, either, that we might be shocked by their passion. Do you think, Frank, that they think - that she, thinks, Sarah - thinks - that she's the first young woman to be obliterated by her passion for a particular man? (beat) Well./ Stars. Such a far, cold light.


Female | 40s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: He knew Mum was close to the end, so he didn't ask any questions, but he wouldn't have anyway. I kissed him - on the cheek - his mouth smelled of vomit - and I said 'Bye, Jim.' And he said. 'Send me a photo.' And he didn't mean Mum./ So when you were born, I sent him the photo, with the date and time and place of your birth, of me and you, with your brown eyes and your rosy skin./He'll have kept it. Even as a baby you looked like him.