The Age, Cameron Woodhead, 2019

"...It’s a talented, emotionally honest dive into a tragic human situation..." - Cameron Woodhead, The Age.


My Melbourne Arts, Myron My, 2019

"It is a bold and thought provoking piece of theatre that leaves you asking yourself a question you hope you never have to answer." - Myron My, My Melbourne Arts.


The Music, Cameron Colwell, 2019

"When The Light Leaves is a play with a brutal, unflinching approach to terminal illness, as it reckons with what it is to be young and in the grip of something which will kill you." - Cameron Colwell, The Music.


Stage Whispers, Patricia Di Risio, 2019

"This is a brave and compelling story about a subject that is crying out for a voice." - Patricia Di Risio, Stage Whispers.


What Did She Think?, Samsara, 2019

"It's raging empathy will leave you breathless." - Samsara, What Did She Think?


Arts Hub, Arjun Rajkhowa, 2019

"His work marks a departure from enigmatic depictions of death, dwelling uninhibitedly and empathetically on both the ordinariness and extraordinariness of those final struggles that precede the ultimate arrival of death." - Arjun Rajkhowa, Artshub.


We Know Melbourne, 2019

"Crushingly brilliant." - We Know Melbourne, 2019.


The Dialog, Declan Mulcahy, 2019

"When the Light Leaves is a compelling piece of theatre that moves deftly between snippets of sentiment, tragedy and terror." - Declan Mulcahy, The Dialog.


Gasworks Arts Park

Interview with playwright, Rory Godbold.

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