New Adelaide Theatre Guide, Emma Size, 2012

"Shadows of Angels is faultless. 5 Stars" - Emma Size


Australian Stage, Simon Eales, 2012

"Fleur Murphy's story-telling sparkles in this gritty piece about four 'femme fatales' … The brothel world of desperate women and disgusting men is painted with bold strokes, energy, and movement, across four monologues. Grimy smudges and humidity hang as the piece grows creepingly confrontational and raw. Murphy writes whirling, unfiltered emotion most powerfully." - Simon Eales


Fringe Review UK, 2012

"...a dark, haunting play…crime is the only way they can survive in the harsh conditions, but there is a frailness and vulnerable quality in all of these women, which makes this play a must-see..."– 4 STARS


TBC Theatre

Written by: Fleur Murphy
Directed by: Chris Saxton

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