Upcoming Premiere of Brothers Wreck

Belvoir, 2014

Brothers Wreck
By Jada Alberts Director Leah Purcell

24 May - 22 June
Upstairs Theatre

A beautiful new play about life.

REVIEW: Brothers Wreck

Kevin Jackson's Theatre Diary, 19 June 2014

"It is the impassioned writing, the deeply committed ensemble of the actors to the story, and the brusquely managed tempo of the clearly envisioned production, that sweeps one along and permits one to celebrate, in the experience in the theatre space, with the rest of audience, an achievement of pertinence, for today, in Sydney's theatre going calendar in 2014."

INTERVIEW: Jada Alberts (Not in Print podcast)

Currency Press, 4 September 2014

Not in Print speaks to Australian playwright Jada Alberts about her play 'Brothers Wreck'.

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