Desmond Manderson & Luis Gömez Romero

In his salad days, Desmond Manderson was a playwright and a musician, before turning to academic life. His books are known around the world for their pioneering approach to exploring questions of law and justice through music, literature, history, philosophy, and art. In Australia he is a frequent commentator in newspapers and on the radio, with diverse interests ranging from social justice, drug policy and ethics, to food and contemporary art. As a Professor jointly appointed in the ANU College of Law and the College of Arts & Social Sciences, and as Director of the Centre for Law, Arts and Humanities, he has developed many innovative cross-campus teaching and research initiatives. His commitment to connect ideas, art, and culture has led to work with the National Library, the National Gallery, Heide, and now The Street Theatre—returning, at long last, to his first love

Luis Gómez Romero was born and raised in Mexico where, under the canopy of tangerine and lemon sunsets, he learnt to love justice and beautifully crafted stories. In Mexico, he passionately worked for structuring peaceful alternatives to reduce the harm caused by violent drug prohibitionism. He turned to academic life believing it was his personal route to a serene and joyful Mexican Ithaca. Academia, however, eventually became his path to Australia, where he arrived in 2013. Luis is currently a senior lecturer at the School of Law at the University of Wollongong. In Australia, his academic work addresses the intersections between law, justice and culture, particularly in Latin American contexts. Luis is a frequent media commentator on Latin American law and politics.

TWENTY MINUTES WITH THE DEVIL by Desmond Manderson & Luis Gömez Romero

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