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Sofie Laguna Sofie Laguna graduated as an actor from the VCA in 1992. She has worked in...(1 play) 
Simon Laherty Simon first worked with Back to Back when he was a student at Nelson Park...(2 plays) 
Anna Lall Anna's plays have been performed around Australia since 1997 and include a...(8 plays) 
Jessica Lamb Jessica is a regionally-based arts educator and researcher specialising in...(1 play) 
Daniel Lammin Daniel Lammin is a graduate of Directing at National Institute of Dramatic...(1 play) 
George Landen Dann George Landen Dann was one of Australia’s most prominent early...(4 plays) 
Mark Langham Originally from the UK, Mark has been acting professionally for almost 40...(2 plays) 
Julian Larnach Julian Larnach is a Sydney-based playwright. His plays include Flight...(2 plays) 
Verity Laughton Verity is an award-winning playwright and poet. Verity work has been...(9 plays) 
Peter Lavelle Peter Lavell practised medicine before becoming a playwright. He has...(1 play) 
Michelle Law Michelle Law is a writer working across print, screen and stage. She is...(1 play) 
Ray Lawler Ray Lawler was thrust into prominence when his play Summer of the...(4 plays) 
Hayley Lawson-Smith Hayley holds a Masters of Writing for Performance from the Victorian...(3 plays) 
Thomas Lawton Tom is a Melbourne based theatre-maker, playwright and teacher. Since...(1 play) 
Kit Lazaroo Kit Lazaroo's writing for theatre includes: Hospital of the Lost Coin and...(3 plays) 
Kath Leahy Kath Leahy is an actor, director, drama coach and casting agent. She holds...(1 play) 
Tobsha Learner Originally from London, where she trained to be a sculptor, Tobsha Learner...(11 plays) 
Julian Leatherdale With a BA in Theatre Studies from UNSW, Julian Leatherdale’s work...(2 plays) 
Michele Lee Michele Lee is an Asian Australian artist, of Hmong background. She writes...(7 plays) 
Jasper Lee-Lindsay Jasper Lee-Lindsay is a Sydney-based writer and actor. After completing...(1 play) 
Alexander Lee-Rekers Alexander is a Sydney-based writer, director and composer. Born into an...(3 plays) 
Deborah Leiser-Moore Deborah Leiser-Moore has been working in physical contemporary theatre...(1 play) 
Andy Leonard Andy's plays include ‘Ratbags’ (London) ‘Unhinged’ and 'Never Mind...(1 play) 
Russell Leonard Russell Leonard is a singer, dancer, actor, acrobat and puppeteer whose...(1 play) 
Laura Lethlean Laura Lethlean is an Australian playwright, with work produced in...(1 play) 
Pam Leversha Pam Leversha was born in 1962. She gained a BA from Melbourne University...(2 plays) 
Valentina Levkowicz Valentina Levkowicz is an actor and writer. Her theatre piece Ethnics a Go...(1 play) 
Caleb Lewis Caleb Lewis is a multi-award-winning writer and theatremaker for the...(11 plays) 
Julia Lewis Julia Lewis' plays have been performed at Star of the Sea, Manly;...(3 plays) 
Julia-Rose Lewis Julia-Rose Lewis is a writer based in Sydney. Julia has worked with...(1 play) 
Robert Lewis Robert Lewis is currently the Course Director of Creative Industries and...(2 plays) 
Wendy Lewis Wendy Lewis’ plays have been performed at Star of the Sea (Manly);...(1 play) 
Michael Li Cha Zi Michael Li Cha Zi has written a number of plays. The first, 'Christmas at...(1 play) 
Michael Lill Michael is an award-winning playwright and short story writer. His play,...(10 plays) 
Martin Lindsay Martin Lindsay is a Western Australian writer based in Perth, author of...(1 play) 
Rebecca Lister Rebecca has worked as a professional artist for 30 years. She works as a...(5 plays) 
Paul Livingston Paul’s biography/memoir of life on the road with The Doug Anthony...(1 play) 
Alan Lock Alan has worked extensively as an actor in film, theatre and television...(1 play) 
Damon Lockwood Damon is the Literary Manager for Black Swan State Theatre Conpany in...(11 plays) 
Fiona Lohrbaecher I am an Anglo-Tasmanian author, artist and playwright. In primary school...(4 plays) 
Skye Loneragan Skye is a critically-acclaimed writer/performer/ theatre director and...(1 play) 
Sandra Fiona Long Sandra Fiona Long is a writer and theatre maker working across forms. She...(1 play) 
Ross Lonnie Ross Lonnie, the playwright, is a retired barrister who lives with his...(1 play) 
Mari Lourey Mari Lourey (co-facilitator/dramaturg/creative producer) is a playwright,...(2 plays) 
Polly Low Polly's first play, The Hidden, received a professional production at The...(1 play) 
Barry Lowe Produced plays are: Writers Cramp, Ego Positioning, Lettuce Cutlets,...(6 plays) 
Simon Luckhurst Simon Luckhurst is an Illawarra-based writer. As well as being the author...(5 plays) 
Nakkiah Lui Nakkiah Lui is a writer/actor and Gamillaroi/Torres Strait Islander woman....(4 plays) 
Katherine Lyall-Watson Katherine is the co-artistic director of the female-led theatre company...(3 plays) 
Tom Lycos Born in Aberystwyth, Wales, of Greek and English parents, Tom spent two...(7 plays) 
Maryanne Lynch Maryanne Lynch works across art forms as a writer, director and...(4 plays) 
Allen Lyne Allen Lyne lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife,...(4 plays) 
Alison Lyssa Alison has led community theatre projects in Western Sydney, Cessnock, and...(3 plays) 

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