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Danielle Maas Danielle is a deviser, director & dramaturg with a passion for...(2 plays) 
Kate Macdessi Kate Macdessi began her career as a high school English teacher before...(1 play) 
Bren MacDibble Bren MacDibble is a children's writer from Melbourne. You can find many of...(1 play) 
Gabrielle Macdonald Gabrielle Macdonald's works for theatre include 'A Short Piece Concerning...(2 plays) 
Jennifer MacDonald Jennifer MacDonald has a background in literary criticism. She has taught...(1 play) 
Justin MacDonnell Justin MacDonnell has been employed in arts management, production and...(1 play) 
Bridget Mackey Bridget Mackey is an award-winning playwright, dramaturge and performance...(1 play) 
Lech Mackiewicz Lech Mackiewicz is a Polish actor, director and playwright. He is a...(2 plays) 
Tom Maclachlan Tom Maclachlan was awarded a scholarship to attend the NIDA Playwrights'...(1 play) 
Deborah Mailman The multi award winning Deborah Mailman AM is one of Australia’s most...(1 play) 
Jamila Main Jamila Main is a trained actor, self taught playwright, and emerging...(1 play) 
Sarah Mainwaring Sarah trained in the performing arts at Victoria University, Footscray,...(2 plays) 
Ivy Mak Ivy is an Australian stage, film and television actor and AWGIE nominated...(1 play) 
Hannah Malarski Hannah Malarski is a graduate of NIDA and The University of Tasmania....(1 play) 
Vee Malnar Vee Malnar has worked as an actor, singer, and drama teacher. She has won...(1 play) 
Jane Malone Jane’s plays include The Naming, developed by Inscription, The Rumour...(2 plays) 
Tobias Manderson-Galvin Tobias Manderson-Galvin is a contemporary Australian playwright, poet and...(1 play) 
Alison Mann Alison Mann is a playwright based in Hobart, Tasmania. Alison is the...(3 plays) 
Ned Manning Ned Manning is a writer, actor and teacher. He has written many plays...(22 plays) 
Peter Maple Peter Maple is an award-winning writer, actor, producer, director working...(1 play) 
Jasper Marlow Jasper Marlow is a playwright from Waterloo in Sydney. His first...(2 plays) 
Kathryn Marquet Kathryn is a playwright and actor, with a passion for saving the planet....(3 plays) 
Henrietta Marrie Henrietta Marrie (Masters in Environmental and Local Government Law; Dip....(1 play) 
Heather Martin Heather Martin is a playwright from Brisbane who predominantly writes for...(1 play) 
Rhys Martin Rhys is a creative and team focused individual, with a penchant for the...(1 play) 
Sophie Masson Sophie Masson is an emerging playwright and a well-established novelist,...(1 play) 
Ray Mathew Ray Mathew (1929–2003) was born in Sydney. While training as a...(1 play) 
Joachim Matschoss Joachim Matschoss was born in Germany and now lives in...(4 plays) 
Tariro Mavondo Tariro, who also goes by Hope, is a Zimbabwean born multi disciplinary...(1 play) 
Camilla Maxwell Camilla Maxwell is an award winning script writer who has had plays...(1 play) 
Steven Maxwell Steven Maxwell is the Creative Producer at Markwell Presents. He grew up...(1 play) 
Adam May Adam May is an award winning playwright. His play Rising Fish Prayer about...(1 play) 
Steve Mayer-Miller Steve Mayer-Miller has spent 32 years working professionally in theatre,...(1 play) 
Nathan Maynard Nathan’s is a descendant of the chief of the Trawlwoolway Clan and of...(2 plays) 
Kavisha Mazzella Kavisha Mazzella an ARIA award winning singer songwriter based in...(1 play) 
Peter McAra Peter's day jobs have covered the range from chemical engineer to...(2 plays) 
Scott McArdle Scott is a Perth-based writer and director and is the artistic director of...(1 play) 
Scott McAteer Born from an egg on a mountain top, Scott McAteer grew up in Hobart and...(6 plays) 
John McCallum John McCallum is Senior Lecturer in the School of English, Media and...(2 plays) 
Stephanie McCarthy Stephanie McCarthy is a published author who has been writing for film,...(3 plays) 
Bradley McCaw Bradley McCaw is an Australian performer, composer, playwright, and actor....(2 plays) 
Elise McCredie Elise McCredie's credits include the play Circle Wednesday (workshopped by...(1 play) 
Donald McDonald A widely experienced actor and playwright, Donald Macdonald established a...(1 play) 
Nadine McDonald-Dowd Nadine McDonald was the Artistic Director of Kooemba Jdarra Indigenous...(3 plays) 
Andrew McGahan Andrew McGahan was born in 1966 and was raised on a farm near the wheat...(1 play) 
Tim McGarry Tim McGarry is a founding member of Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People,...(3 plays) 
Paul McIntyre Paul McIntyre grew up in West Hobart and graduated from the Centre for...(2 plays) 
Catherine McKinnon Catherine McKinnon is a playwright and novelist. In 2019, a five-hour play...(5 plays) 
Callum McLean Callum McLean is an award-winning playwright and performer. His first...(1 play) 
Carrie McLean Carrie is a founding member of Mudlark Theatre. She graduated with a BPA...(1 play) 
Paul McNally Paul McNally marks his theatrical beginning with the Sydney-based audience...(1 play) 
Tony McNamara Tony was born in Kilmore and educated at Assumption College. After a brief...(2 plays) 
Jim McNeil Jim McNeil died in 1982 after a literary career which lasted only a decade...(1 play) 
Donna Meadows Donna completed a B.A. at Sydney University where she was heavily involved...(1 play) 
Stephen Measday Stephen Measday is an award-winning scriptwriter and the author of...(3 plays) 
Sean Mee Sean Mee began his professional career at La Boite Theatre in 1976 as a...(1 play) 
Nick Meenahan Nick studied Theatre and received a BA in Performing Arts at The...(1 play) 
David Megarrity David Megarrity is a writer, composer, musician and performer creating at...(7 plays) 
Richard Mellick Originally from Sydney, Richard began his theatre career at Marian St...(1 play) 
Amelia Mellor Amelia Mellor is an aspiring Australian writer and playwright. (2 plays) 
Maxine Mellor Maxine Mellor is an award-winning, Brisbane-based playwright of over...(10 plays) 
Henry Melville Henry Melville (1799 – 1873) was a journalist, publisher and playwright...(1 play) 
Ruth Melville Ruth Melville’s fiction and non-fiction work has been published in...(1 play) 
David Mence David is a writer, director and dramaturg. As Artistic Director of White...(3 plays) 
Leah Mercer Leah Mercer is a director/deviser/writer with the ensemble The Nest which...(2 plays) 
Robert Merritt Robert Merritt (1945 - (1 play) 
Jessica Messenger Jessica Messenger has worked as a career guidance counsellor, children's...(1 play) 
Rebecca Meston A graduate of the University of Sydney - BA (English and Performance...(1 play) 
Julian Meyrick Julian Meyrick is Strategic Professor of Creative Arts at Flinders...(2 plays) 
Jane Miller A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Jane’s work has been...(1 play) 
Suzie Miller Suzie Miller is a playwright, screenwriter and librettist; her plays have...(18 plays) 
Lorraine Milne For 15 years Lorraine was a member of Music Branch (Education Department...(1 play) 
David Milroy David Milroy was born in Perth Western Australia in 1957. David's family...(4 plays) 
Jadah Milroy Jadah Milroy is a Victorian College of the Arts and Aboriginal Centre for...(3 plays) 
John Misto John Misto is an award-winning writer for television and stage. His plays...(2 plays) 
Paul Mitchell Paul has published five books: We. Are. Family. (novel, MidnightSun...(1 play) 
Jane Modric Jane Modric is a writer and musician who lives in Cairns, North...(1 play) 
Nathaniel Moncrieff Nathaniel Moncrieff is a Perth-born playwright and screenwriter. His first...(2 plays) 
Justin Monjo Justin Monjo is both an actor and stage and screen writer. Together with...(1 play) 
Anne Monsour Anne has worked as a freelance writer and has gained theatre awards for...(1 play) 
Liviu Monsted Liviu Monsted is the Artistic Director of Mon Sans Productions and the...(1 play) 
Jane Montgomery Griffiths Jane Montgomery Griffiths is an actor, writer and academic. Currently...(2 plays) 
Mary Morris Mary Morris - a Scottish-born Australian - has written several award...(3 plays) 
Melvyn Morrow Melvyn Morrow's first scripts were performed by Gordon Chater and Jill...(1 play) 
David Morton David is the Artistic Director of the Dead Puppet Society as well as a...(1 play) 
Merrilee Moss Moss is an award-winning Victorian playwright. Her nine plays include If...(4 plays) 
Ross Mueller Ross Mueller is an Australian writer, a guest lecturer at Victorian...(8 plays) 
Deborah Mulhall Deborah started as an actress (Kate in Taming of the Shrew; Titania –...(11 plays) 
Janice Muller Janice Muller is a theatre and opera director with over 20 years...(1 play) 
Luke Mullins LUKE MULLINS is an award-winning actor, director and writer. He has...(1 play) 
Kate Mulvany Kate Mulvany OAM is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and actor....(13 plays) 
Bruce Mumford Bruce Mumford retired from 16 years as a drama teacher in 1990, the same...(1 play) 
Richard Murphet Richard Murphet has been engaged in writing and directing contemporary...(5 plays) 
Angela Murphy Angela Murphy is a Cairns-based practitioner. Her first play The...(3 plays) 
Fleur Murphy Originally from country Victoria, Fleur has a B.A. in Theatre Performance...(1 play) 
Tommy Murphy Tommy Murphy is an award-winning playwright with recent productions in New...(4 plays) 
Brooke Murray Brooke Murray is a theatre-maker and inclusion support artist, based in...(1 play) 
Peta Murray Peta Murray began writing full time after her play, WALLFLOWERING, was...(7 plays) 
Sue Murray Writer of plays such as 'Mirror, Mirror', 'The Formal', 'The Shed', and...(1 play) 
Joanna Murray-Smith Joanna Murray-Smith’s plays have been produced throughout Australia and...(19 plays) 

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