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Stefo Nantsou Born in Newcastle, Australia from Macedonian parents, Stefo Nantsou has...(9 plays) 
Geoffrey Narkle Geoffrey Narkle was born in Narrogin, Western Australia in April 1951....(2 plays) 
Serah Nathan Serah is a Writer and Director who grew up in an ethnically diverse...(1 play) 
Daniel Nellor Daniel Nellor has acted in and written for theatre sporadically since his...(2 plays) 
Sam Nerida Sam Nerida is a theatre maker, producer and award winning playwright,...(2 plays) 
Anthony Newcastle Anthony has worked as a freelance artist with Kooemba Jdarra for the past...(2 plays) 
Liz Newell Liz Newell is a playwright and theatre producer based in Perth. In 2014...(1 play) 
Amelia Newman Amelia Newman is a playwright and theatremaker. Amelia has worked...(1 play) 
Tony Nicholls Tony Nicholls was born and educated in England, where he worked for a...(17 plays) 
Alex Nicol Alex Nicol's plays include: 'The Boy Who Climbed Windmills', produced by...(2 plays) 
Heather Nimmo Heather Nimmo has written more than twenty plays for stage and radio,...(7 plays) 
Anthony Noack Anthony Noack is a Melbourne-based writer and filmmaker. In 2009 his book...(4 plays) 
Felix Nobis FELIX NOBIS is a poet, playwright, and actor. He was...(1 play) 
Ben Noble Ben's first play "Pick A Card" won 3rd prize in the St Martins Playwriting...(2 plays) 
Patrick Nolan Patrick Nolan has directed many works for stage and screen, and has worked...(1 play) 
Louis Nowra Louis Nowra was born in Melbourne. He is the author of such plays as...(9 plays) 
Carly Nugent Carly Nugent’s first full length play Safe House, performed at the...(1 play) 
Natalie Nunan Natalie Nunan is a Brisbane based writer, teacher and director. Natalie...(2 plays) 

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