1915 was written in honour of the centenary of the First World War. While historically driven, the story sought not to re-tell the landing at Gallipoli or the ensuing futile battle, but rather to concentrate on the people who were left behind. A large cast ensemble, it explores the reality often untold of those left behind.

Set in the Adelaide Hills, 1915 examines the lives of the locals; The Green family – Margaret and Robert as parents to Roy, Charlie and Sarah, the local football team who sign up together, the young ladies who support the war efforts of the Cheer-Up Hut, the racial tensions that erupt with the German settlers and the heartbreak of families torn apart.

While the Allies announced their victory and the history books were written, rarely is it discussed the devastation that was left for those who fought and those who were left behind.

  • drama
  • 100
  • 21 total
  • 12 female identifying, 9 male identifying
  • young people, gender, history
  • 18+
  • young adult, adult, all ages
  • Australian Plays Transform


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