In an abandoned gothic library adorned with gargoyles and grotesques, a group of young people meet - apparently for choir practice. Soon however, it becomes apparent that singing is merely a facade. For Tarwater and Jonah want to track down the missing Morgan Bequest, some twenty thousand volumes donated to the university when the library closed. They want to reclaim the books or, if the university has destroyed them, expose those responsible. But how? The enigmatic Haphazard suggests they need an act of God...

About Face is a philosophical adventure that blends colloquial speech with medieval-influenced rhymes and language.

"Spooky, sensitive, poetic and prophetic, this is a play that brings to mind Brecht and Buffy alike... a quest rich with poetic allusion, provocation and good old-fashioned suspence." Katrina Schwarz, Lowdown, Aug 2002.

Note: The play is written for an ensemble of nine actors, of whom at least half should be strong singers able to hold a harmony. Additional performers/ participants can be accommodated in a choir which augments the singing of the nine actors.

  • drama (with choral music)
  • 65
  • 9 total
  • 6 female identifying, 3 male identifying
  • adolescence, young people
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Male | 20s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 12

EXTRACT: It's a brilliant building she found - Tarwater. /Neglected, of course, but structurally sound./ Its gloom and sandstone gnawed at by the elements; its /slates slackened; but covered with gargoyles - well,/ grotesques really - but it's a common error;/ The medieval holy terror is a water conduit./ Not just a pretty ugly face./ Drainheads, half-apes and gaping jaws that leer from edges and ledges -/Sorry. Yes - I mean, no. Of course. You don't need/ the lecture on architecture./

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