Babes and Beer is an irreverent comedy set in Far North Queensland that follows three dry-witted friends chasing hedonism and a decent WiFi signal.

Set in the present day and taking place around a bonfire, the women encounter fellow tourists who challenge the protagonists' understanding of themselves and of each other. The story playfully explores the consequences with addiction to instant gratification and asks, “How much agency do women have over their own happiness?” And, “Do young Australians rely on alcohol to enjoy themselves?”

Referential language encourages the audience to feel as though they are on the beach with the actors, without breaking the fourth wall. Bold dialogue reflects how people, specifically women, converse in the safety of their friendships groups. The story is meticulously interwoven with nuanced subplots that act as a through line when the protagonists are separated. Marketed as an ‘anti-play’, Babes and Beer was written for people who’d rather stream their entertainment, don’t mind eating crisps in bed and who haven’t been to the theatre before.

  • comedy
  • 80
  • 10 total
  • 5 female identifying, 5 male identifying
  • 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Female | 20s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 59

EXTRACT: The only bullshit here, is anything that's come out of your mouth this whole night! "Wahhh! All women are the same!" That line just makes you another sexist pig. Earth to Max! The 50s called and they want their misogyny back. You don't need a girlfriend, you need a teacher so here's a lesson for ya: You call yourself a Nice Guy so you can act like a passive aggressive douchebag with a piss-weak personality. You think because I was friendly meant you had a green light to grab my hand and put it on your dick?

Adult language, Adult themes


Male | 30s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 58

EXTRACT: Know what I think? I think it’s about time for me to be rude. Because chicks like you and your friends go for rude. You all say, "I want a nice guy, who won’t treat me badly, won’t cheat, won’t look at other women blah blah blah". Bullshit. And what do guys like me do? Tell you how I’ve acted? How I was raised? I’m the nice guy. I’ve been the nice guy for 35 years and it only gets me halfway.

Adult language, Adult themes



///"Babes and Beer is inspired by the real life events that occurred whilst Nathan and two friends were holidaying in the Daintree Rainforest a few years ago. Nathan says she felt compelled to write it because the enigmatic energy of both the wild environment combined with the transient nature of international tourism meant no two nights were ever the same, and many interesting relationships could become stories."/// - Kris Weber, Theatre People

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