Andie is seventeen. Andrea is seventeen. They work in a convenience store at the same time in their lives, disconnected by time but find a connection through the never-ending moment of love; when the world really does fucking explode.

Written at the tender age of seventeen, Dead Skin is a hybrid text of queer and hetero "love" stories that challenge what it truly means to love and be loved at seventeen. It is a coming of age story of a mother and daughter navigating the toxicity of their own relationships, in search of that “thing” we will never have with any other human, the truest form of love; an inherent and maternal connection.

Winner of the State Theatre Company of South Australia's Young Playwrights' Award, 2019.

  • coming of age/dramedy
  • 90
  • 5 total
  • 4 female identifying, 1 male identifying
  • gender, lgbtqia+, women, young people
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • teen, young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Female | Teen | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 46

EXTRACT: It was like I could be like me, be wild, and being me was enough for someone like you, I mean fuck me you’re a supermodel, you’re a fucking supermodel, you’ve got legs for days, brows on fleek, fuck you’re on fleek, you’re the definition of fleek like if I looked up fleek right now it would just say you. You make the concept of feet not gross, like seriously, I think I’ve developed a foot fetish for you and it’s not even gross because it’s you.

Adult language


Female | Teen | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 65

EXTRACT: I think it was just so underwhelming because I’d studied for all that time and sacrificed so many things for it; I didn’t go for my L’s for it, I single-handedly murdered thousands of trees for it, I neglected all forms of self-care, gave up reading, films and even playing fucking Minecraft because apparently that was too nerdy for it and sold all my Sims 2 expansion and stuff packs on Gumtree for it because “why not just get friends in real life?” but ironically I’ve never really had any friends anyway so that seemed like a pretty useless thing for an exam to whisper in my ear as I’m writing an essay you know?

Adult language



Presented by Whitebox Theatre. Directed by Kim Hardwick.



"The State Theatre Company has named emerging talents Zachary Sheridan and Laneikka Denne as winners of the 2019 Flinders University Young Playwrights’ Award."



" I like to say that this is not a biopic, this is not my life. This is a fascination and an interest in the bond that I have with my mum, and then I fictionalized the rest to show a new perspective on love. I'm very passionate about young queer people being involved in storytelling because of the ageism that I've experienced in this industry even though having been in it for only a few years. I've just found the people won't read my play because of my age, it's not in the act." Laneikka Denne



"A LOVE LETTER TO MYSELF, TO MY IDENTITY, MY SEXUALITY" For too long, young girls have lacked agency in literature, argues playwright Leneikka Denne. It's time for teenagers to be heard.

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