Israel: sometime in the not too distant future. Dov Landau has become prime minister of a country at an historic crossroads - in the wake of a military conflict with Iran that has claimed thousands of lives, and a failed assassination attempt on the visiting US president by a Jewish extremist. Meanwhile, Europe agitates for a complete boycott of Israel over its unrelenting settlement building and repression of Palestinian rights. But for the first time in decades, Labour has won a landslide victory against a far right leader who had alienated Israel from the world community. Dov is thrust into the murky world of Middle East realpolitik as he struggles with his new defense minister and incumbent head of Shin Bet over how Israel should deal with its real and perceived enemies. Dov brings about a cessation of hostilities with Iran but follows this with an invasion of Lebanon leading to a series of terrorist attacks inside of Israel which claim hundreds of lives, including his only daughter. A nation cries for vengeance at a time when he has promised change but Dov finds that this requires sacrifices beyond which any leader in the past has been asked to make, forcing to him make decisions about Israel's relationship with its neighbours that will either transform the country or destroy it.

  • political drama
  • 120
  • 11 total
  • 3 female identifying, 8 male identifying
  • lgbtqia+
  • 18+
  • all ages, children, teen
  • Australian Plays Transform


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