Hogs Hairs and Leeches is eight short plays that, combined, talk about growing old, regrets, memory, fears and beliefs. It examines many relationships: between mothers, grandmothers and daughters, between women who dance together at their local elderly citizens club, between grandparents and grandchildren who can no longer speak one another's language, between men who fought for good working conditions and young men who would work for nothing. It brings together the old and the young in poignant and powerful drama.

  • drama
  • 70
  • 5 total
  • 3 female identifying, 2 male identifying
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • all ages, children, teen
  • Australian Script Centre


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Female | 60+ | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 2

EXTRACT: Where are you? Hiding. Hiding like a rat. A rat. A dirty, sneaky, foul-mouthed rat. A stinking, snivelling, smelly rat. I'd like to shake you, snap your back, hold you by your tail over the bin and drop you in. Give you a good smack. That's what your mother should have given you, a good smack. Too late now. Now you'd turn around and whack her right back. Look what she's made you. Brought a baby in the world and let it go to the pack. A Frankenstein with her monster brat. Where are you?

Adult themes


Female | 60+ | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 32

EXTRACT: is the/ endless packing of a suitcase which can't be filled/ Running madly, grabbing at this, grabbing at that/ Should I take this sweater,this pair of shoes, will I need/ more socks, tops, an overcoat, my old red hat. Will I/ take this photograph or will the glass crack. And food, have I packed enough? Will I take wheat? What if/ there's no place to cook? And I'm looking, for/ something more, and I don't know/ what it is. But I must/ take it, I must find it, it must be packed.

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