First there was Bettina Small, then Joanna Small, then Rowena Small. When they were children, their dad took them and their mum on a small boat to travel for 1000 days on the seas. The boat sank at 983 days. Now they are adults, and Bettina would rather forget it, Joanna can’t stop thinking about it and Rowena is running as far away from it as she can. That can only take them so far though, and planes have started falling out of the sky. House Sisters is a millennial farce on dislocation, longing, estrangement and how to find your family again when it’s fallen apart.

  • comedy
  • 70
  • 6 total
  • 4 female identifying, 2 male identifying
  • culturally and linguistically diverse, women, young people
  • 18+
  • young adult
  • Australian Script Centre



House Sisters was presented by Monash University, Centre for Theatre and Performance in 2019. It was commissioned and presented by Monash University, Centre for Theatre and Performance.

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