My Brilliant Career: The Play


Rural New South Wales, 1899. Sybylla Melvyn is a force of nature—a young woman of spirit, born in the wrong time and place, but filled with dreams. Will she be a writer? An actor? An artist, a musician, a politician? Will she explore the world? Any one of these would be better than the path of wife and mother seemingly predestined for her. Determined to outrun the odds, Sybylla must contend with the expectations of society, the disappointments of family, and the beating of her own heart. This new adaptation of Miles Franklin’s classic My Brilliant Career by Kendall Feaver (The Almighty Sometimes, Wherever She Wanders) is dark, funny and urgent. More than a century later, Sybylla’s voice is one that still demands to be heard—a guttural cry of rage against the inequalities set at birth. A one-two punch of success, a play that breathes fresh life into the original novel, while still feeling as relevant as ever.—Australian Book Review

  • 118
  • 23 total
  • 13 female identifying, 10 male identifying
  • technology, resilience, power, lgbtqia+, justice, identity, grief, gender, friendship, feminism, environment, crime, community, courage, coming of age, change, belonging, adolescence, community, friendship, courage, family, gender, growing up, masculinity, disability, domestic violence, identity, disability, domestic violence, identity, disability, domestic violence, identity
  • 16 to 18, 18+, 12 to 16
  • graphic sexual content, misogynist language, psychological abuse, bullying, familial abuse, grooming, bullying, familial abuse, grooming, bullying, familial abuse, grooming
  • teen, young adult, adult
  • Currency Press


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