Following the lives of Amanda, Mark and Darren, three employees at a mortuary, Necrophilia is a workplace comedy about the awkwardness of modern love, having a thing for Nicholas Hoult and the limits of what's acceptable if no-one was ever going to find out...

  • comedy, drama, realism
  • 80
  • 4 total
  • 2 female identifying, 2 male identifying
  • women
  • 18+
  • adult
  • Australian Plays Transform


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Female | 30s | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 56

EXTRACT: When it started I… I tried to ignore it. For so long I tried to ignore it, and then I found myself, you know how whenever there’s a car crash people will slow down and… you know… look. I found myself, I’d be listening to the radio and if I heard there was a car crash or something I’d start… like I’d kind of absent-mindedly drive myself there, and I’d slow down, and I’d look to see if I could see… something. And if I did I sped up. I got out of there. And it wasn’t sexual it was just a rush. Just a… It was exciting.


Male | 30s | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 71

EXTRACT: And then I realise the door’s unlocked, so I go in, and the house is quiet and dark and it really smells and I walk into Carol’s living room and she’s there. She’s sitting on an armchair. And she’s obviously died. She’s obviously dead. And the cats have… Her cats have just started eating her flesh, ripping chunks of her flesh off when they got hungry. Because they must’ve… they must’ve been hungry. And she’s just sitting there, and she looks quite peaceful. And for some reason I reach out and touch her, I feel my fingers kind of, touch where the cats have pulled… I’m just touching her. And I’m so hard. I’m so hard it hurts. I’m so hard I can’t breathe. And I touch myself. Just for a second I… And then I run outside and I call an ambulance. And then it’s over.

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