A young boy escapes from the police by running into a church. A passion play is in rehearsal there - or is it? The boy is drawn into the action of the story and reveals the reason he is being chased. An unusual slant on the Christian story which raises questions about the value of faith in the modern world.

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  • adolescence, young people
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Male | Unspecified | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 25

EXTRACT: ..they had to be made to see - so I screamed..And then - I jumped down. I jumped down, still screaming and landed right in the middle of this huge mass of chocolate..It sort of exploded, eggs and boxes and stuff went everywhere, I could feel things smashing and breaking underneath me; I kicked and smashed and chucked them away and it felt great, like I was smashing everything those people had built their lives on! And I was shouting, shouting at all those fat greedy stupid faces that were standing there with their fat mouths open.

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