Quest is a mythic story evoked by troubadours. Set loosely in medieval times, a village watches its men go off to war. A magician, seeing a chance to take control of the village, manipulates the Overlord into cursing a newly born baby, the last baby likely to be born for many years to come. During the year that follows, the villagers sink into despair as they wait for the baby's impending death. When the baby disappears, most people believe that she is dead. However, the visions of one of their children coincide with the visions of a mysterious visitor, implying that the baby is alive. Six people undertake a quest, encountering mountains and monsters, forests and dragons, rivers and spells, monks, nuns and hermits. QUEST is about overcoming despair by following hope. The characters discover the child and rectify the dark past of their village. They also discover that it is the quest, not its goal, that is the reason for living. Variable cast.

  • fantasy
  • 100
  • 26 total
  • 16 female identifying, 10 male identifying
  • women
  • 12 to 16, 16 to 18, 18+
  • teen, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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Gender Unspecified | Unspecified | under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: (Wrack nurses the nightingale) I am not what I should be, and neither are you. You should be free and singing. What happened to your wing? If I find the beast who hurt you, I will beat it loose of its senses ... No. You're right. I wouldn't do that at all. Nor should I. Because then we get a world full of wounded creatures. These passed days, I have been trying to wound a dragon, but the more I killed it, the more it went on chasing me.

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