The Green Stone which keeps Sherwood Forest safe has been stolen. Robin Hood, falsely accused of the theft is doing everything he can to force the Sheriff of Nottingham – the true thief – to confess. But the Sheriff has other plans – he wants to take control of the forest by marrying its owner, the fair Maid Marion of Chigwell, Robin’s former sweetheart! Before he can do this however, her feisty mama, Lady Victoria Park, says he has to be rich - and he isn’t! But then his brother dies and leaves him in charge of the Babes which is when he discovers that -

…. if the children chance to die
Ere they to age should come,
Their uncle should possess their wealth;
For so the will did run……!

Meanwhile, without the Green Stone to keep them down, the dark powers that lurk beneath the forest are beginning to awake…..

  • pantomime plus
  • 115
  • 20 total
  • 14 female identifying, 6 male identifying
  • 12 to 16, 16 to 18, 18+
  • all ages
  • Australian Script Centre


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