A disparate group of seven work colleagues in a local government office struggle to hold onto their dreams, as they desperately attempt to prevent being completely paralysed by their workplace, and by themselves.

Trevor regularly locks himself in the toilet, crying over past decisions that have brought him to this sad impasse. Heather appears perfectly fine but privately despairs that she hasn’t been touched for such a long time. Tabitha’s affair with her married colleague Grant means little to her but Grant is passionately in love. Having emigrated from Eastern Europe Nina desperately tries to climb the ladder as her useless husband seems incapable. Dim dreams of being a successful musician and plans to stay temporarily—only it’s already been thirteen months, with no end in sight. And Lachlan moves from Sydney to become General Manager only to have his team dislike him almost as much as he dislikes them.

The drudgery of daily office life shifts dramatically when a traumatic event in the department forces everybody to take a good hard look at themselves and to contemplate the possibility of change—and to ponder how far they are prepared to go in order to achieve real happiness.

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  • 9 total
  • 3 female identifying, 6 male identifying
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How well do you know the person at the next desk? Australian playwright and filmmaker Melissa Bubnic asks in ///Stop. Rewind///, as she introduces us to a cast of compromised characters whose dreams diminish that one bit more each new day in the office they share...

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