He was the most famous tailor in all of Melbourne’s China-town lanes. This was not because he was the only one; or because you paid a fortune in the hope he remembered to sign his name to the high-fashion garment you’d just done your credit card on; or because his fingers were so pudgy they couldn’t catch up to his mind; or because latterly his clothes had started to fall off all over the place after he used that dissolvable surgical thread for stitching. Or because he came to make his real fortune by refusing to charge for his garments but insisted on charging double for his exclusive price tags attached to them.
No, Tanzir the Melbourne Threader was famous enough for his Fifth… the post-number-four sneeze that threatened to end all his sneezes. In particular he was renowned for when that one Fifth to end all Fifths blasted him across the highway into a sitting session of Parliament where he took his seat when all else abandoned theirs for the hills.

  • live-acted shadow play with storyteller
  • 75
  • 7 total
  • 3 female identifying, 4 male identifying
  • young people
  • 18+
  • all ages
  • Australian Script Centre


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