We’re a circle. We’re forever. For eternity.’

Three teenage schoolgirls go missing in Melbourne’s hinterland. The clock is ticking, the search is on. One of the girls turns up days later. Confused and unkempt, she has no apparent memory of what happened and where her friends are. Sound familiar?

The Hanging is a gripping thriller that questions the frequently-occurring spectre of the missing girl in the Australian bush. Its mystery is a postmodern study of social panic and what lies hidden, just out of reach.


'One of the most exciting things to happen in Australian playwriting.' * * * * 1/2 Daily Review

'An extraordinarily well-executed psychological thriller.' * * * * Limelight Magazine

'The Hanging is special... for Betzien’s lyrical, irresistible script [and] its absorbing mystery.’ * * * * Time Out Sydney***

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Female | Teen | under 3 minutes
Starts on page 37

EXTRACT: You don’t know anything. We’ve been friends forever. We spent the whole September break together. Hannah and Ava stayed at our property. Yes … Yes. It used to be a farm before my father bought it for a song. There was a lake. It was millions of miles deep. When the farm went broke the farmer’s daughter walked into the water. Just like Virginia Woolf. They never found her body, that’s how deep it was. Diving down, the water changed from viscous green to inky black. It was so cold we’d get goosebumps on our breasts.

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