The Nightwatchman


Bill has lived a life amongst the rambling beauty of the old family home. Now he's gone blind, and children Helen and Michael have returned for a few days to move him to a secure apartment. On the outside Bill is stoic, resigned to his fate, but inside he silently rages against the darkness.

Helen feels the weight of responsibility - for both her father and her own family. The fragility of her marriage has her longing for the untroubled days of childhood.

Photographer Michael is on the verge of a quiet breakdown, having for years avoided meaningful connection with any human being. Drawn together in a garden full of echoes, the three discover tender memories of the shared past unwilling to release them...

The Nightwatchman is an incredibly moving, poetic and ultimately life-affirming ode to the human spirit and the memories that define us.

"The world of this deceptively simple play is rich with memory, pervaded by loss and informed by a deep feeling for the ways in which individuals endure in the world: alone even when they are together, loving even as they turn away from each other. It's like Samuel Beckett at his best. ... The writing is so achingly beautiful." - John McCallum, The Australian

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Male | 60+ | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 22

EXTRACT: Helene, can I explain something to you? I think I need to. But I'm not sure where to begin. There are times when I think I see a glimmer of light, as if here, at the edge of my eye, there is a sudden, very small... rupture in the darkness. But it is a light that illuminates nothing. It's just... light. I don't know what it is. It happens every so often. It always has. I went blind very gradually, of course, so I've forgotten much of what it was like to slowly... to slowly lose the world.

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