The Serpent’s Teeth


Keene's astute and probing insight into the insidious effects of global tensions give us cause to reflect on the true human cost of armed conflict whether it is close to home or not.

"The writing is razor-sharp, remarkably and memorably profound; at times, ravishingly beautiful ... it's extraordinary!" - Australian Stage


Set at the dividing wall of a war-torn country, conflict is an unseen force which disrupts the everyday tasks of people, battling to survive.


Set in an Air Force hangar far from the battlefield. But for five families, who gather to receive the bodies of their sons, brothers and friends, war does not seem so far away.

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EXTRACT: but in the sea... I felt so happy. Once, Tariq, once there were no happier times. There was no need to look back, to remember. The happy time was the one you were living in. No time before had been better and the future... well, who thought about the future? Now everyone looks into their past to find their happiness and no-one dares to imagine the future... but once, it's true, there were no happier times.


Male | Unspecified | 3 to 5 minutes
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EXTRACT: Think of it... oranges in our village! There has never been such a thing! There's not much left of our olive groves... but we can plant this tree. They were very pleased with the olive tree that we brought them, weren't they? That pleased me. It was a fair trade. They're good people. The same family has been growing oranges for... for centuries. You like oranges, I know you do, when your mother can get them... well, in a while you'll be able to pluck them from your own tree. Think of that



In advance of the 2008 STC production of 'The Serpent's Teeth', The Australian's Fiona Gruber talks with paywright, Daniel Keene and discusses the processes, influences and experiences that shape his extensive body of work.

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